Top news for 2021-12-28

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Britney Spears Reveals the Real Reason She's Not Ready to Return to Music

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver Officially Divorced

John Madden Dead - Legendary NFL Coach & Broadcaster Dies at 85

Halle Berry, 55, humorously responds to a fan mistaking her for 21-year-old Halley Bailey

Emmerdale fans beg for Ross Barton to on-screen return as Charity mentions he’s in the village

Fans Ship Amanda Kloots and Bachelorette’s Michael A. After Night Out

Travis Scott, Dior Collaboration to Retail in July

Cynthia Nixon SLAMS Original Sex And The City Series As 'Tone-Deaf' -- But Ultimately Came Back Because Of THIS

Taylor Swift Files to Dismiss ‘Shake It Off’ Lawsuit After ‘Unprecedented’ Ruling

Jada Pinkett-Smith Shows Off Hair Loss Line Due To Alopecia: ‘I Can Only Laugh’ — Watch