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Netflix viewers are left 'disturbed' by controversial new series

Netflix viewers have been left disturbed by the streaming site's new extraterrestrial docuseries, Raël: The Alien Prophet, which launched last week.

In addition to accusations that Raël coerced women into signing 'a contract' making them 'sexually exclusive' to him, and wild accounts of nude 'sensual meditation,' the doc delves into the Raëlians' dubious claim to have mastered human cloning. The same spring, the US Food and Drug Administration's Office of Criminal Investigations inspected a Clonaid lab, run by the Raëlians, located in a rented room from a high school in Nitro, West Virginia. Raëlism became a global phenomenon, claiming to be able to clone humans as inspired by the alien 'Elohim', culminating in the supposed prophet giving evidence on the subject to Congress

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