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Mr. and Mrs. Smith’s Faux Love Story

The series’ open ending amounts to little more than anticlimax thanks its misrepresentation of what John and Jane really care about.

Glover goes all-in on wisecracking flirtation (and is often allergic to a shirt) and Erskine nails the awkwardness of Jane unexpectedly falling for John; a moment where she, wounded that his emergency contact is his mother, tearily admits that he’s hers actually has some impact thanks to her vulnerability. They fight child soldiers in El Salvador and are involved in an international incident in Italy — a shootout that spans three villages, interrupts a wedding, and ends with the disappearance of another billionaire wanted by various governments — but there’s no public awareness of those events, either. During that chase in “A Breakup,” every element of the house is damaged in some way: bullets tear up the seats of their basement movie theater and explode countless bottles in their wine cellar, chef knives are thrown across the kitchen and embedded in their oversized refrigerator, planters smashed in their indoor succulent garden and books dislodged from floor-to-ceiling bookcases.

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