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Tom Hollander, 56, makes rare appearance with fiancée Fran Hickman, 40, at the Ashi show in Paris after welcoming their first child

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Feud: Capote Vs. The Swans divides critics as reviewers say show is both 'grippingly vicious' and 'soulless and downright dull' but Tom Hollander's Truman is universally praised as 'mesmerising' and 'a genuine marvel'

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Chloe Sevigny treated Feud co-star Tom Hollander like a 'gay best friend' before realizing he has a wife: 'He must have thought I was the biggest flirt!'

Tom Hollander Signs With CAA (EXCLUSIVE)

Tom Hollander's hilarious 'life in the day' column that details peeing in the dark and masturbating resurfaces in the wake of Gregg Wallace's widely-mocked Saturday schedule

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Tom Hollander says he received seven-figure Avengers bonus meant for Tom Holland

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