Tom DeLonge

Thomas Matthew DeLonge is an American musician, singer, songwriter, author, record producer, actor, and filmmaker. Possessing a distinctive nasal singing voice, he is the lead vocalist and guitarist of the rock band Angels & Airwaves, which he formed in 2005, and was the co-lead vocalist, guitarist, and co-founder of the rock band Blink-182 from its formation in 1992 until his departure from the group in 2015. DeLonge grew up in the suburbs of Poway, California, where he embraced skateboarding at an early age. When DeLonge received his first guitar, he began writing punk rock songs. He formed Blink-182 with bassist Mark Hoppus and drummer Scott Raynor during his high school years. The band created a following in the mid-1990s through independent releases and relentless touring, particularly in their home country and in Australia. They signed to MCA Records in 1996 and their second album, Dude Ranch, featured the hit single "Dammit".

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