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‘Mr Burton’ To Tell Story Behind Screen Icon Richard Burton’s Formative Years; Toby Jones, Coming Off ‘Mr Bates Vs The Post Office’, Leads Cast With ‘The Crown’ Star Lesley Manville — EFM

How Troubled ‘Cleopatra’ Film Launched Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton’s Love Story

Couples that SPLIT and got back together: Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, Justin and Hailey Bieber and Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton are just some of the stars that did a 'romance redo'

'You're much too fat... but you DO have a pretty face': First words Richard Burton spoke to Elizabeth Taylor on the set of Cleopatra - before their all-consuming affair knocked the Cuban missile crisis off the front pages, as revealed in riveting new book

Richard Burton's tumultuous marriages to Liz Taylor were blighted by alcoholic rages... So was he driven to drink because he was seduced as a teenager by the schoolmaster who adopted him?