#MeToo is a social movement and awareness campaign against sexual abuse, sexual harassment, and rape culture, in which people publicize their experiences of sexual abuse or sexual harassment.

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Greta Gerwig attends Furiosa: Mad Max's Cannes Film Festival premiere after speaking out on France's #MeToo movement as actress Judith Godrèche covers her mouth in red carpet statement

Why the only naked bodies you see on screen these days are men's, not women's: 'No nudity' contracts, intimacy co-ordinators and the feminist MeToo backlash against predator producers like Harvey Weinstein

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Judith Godrèche to address French cinema’s ‘omertà’ around #MeToo

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Harassment victims in UK film and TV face backlash after #MeToo, study finds

Actress Asher Keddie reveals how women in showbusiness turned against each other 'to get ahead' before the #MeToo movement

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Marion Cotillard Speaks Out About #MeToo During Cannes Film Festival, Says She 'Was Put In Situations I Shouldn't Have Been In'

Marion Cotillard On #MeToo: As A Young Actress, “I Was In Situations That I Shouldn’t Have Been In… We Still Have A Long Way To Go” – Cannes

France’s Culture Minister Talks About Streamers, #MeToo, Soft Quotas, $378 Million Investment in Film, TV

Gender Equality Groups Take Stock In Cannes On Five-Year #MeToo Milestone: “The Powers & Forces Against Us Are Still Very Significant”

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‘Portrait of a Lady on Fire’ Star Quits Cinema Over French #MeToo Inertia — Adèle Haenel has condemned what she calls the French film industry's "general complacency ... vis-à-vis sexual aggressors."

‘Still in the stone age’: movie world in shock as Germany’s MeToo moment arrives

Bel Powley Says She Was 'Touched Inappropriately' While Working Before the #MeToo Movement, Shares a Positive Onset Experience

Matthew Lawrence Says an Agency Fired Him After He Refused to Strip for a Director Offering Him a Marvel Role, Talks #MeToo Movement & Men's Experiences