Kim Tate

Kim Tate is a fictional character from the British soap opera Emmerdale, played by Claire King. The character debuted on-screen during the episode broadcast on 12 December 1989. Kim is portrayed in the serial as an antagonist, who often concocts money making and vengeful schemes against other characters. During her first stint in the series, Kim's turbulent marriage to Frank Tate was prominent. Writers also explored her difficult relationship with her stepchildren, Chris and Zoe. Kim's motive for her scheming was to gain control of the Tate family business; her marriage was problematic due to her affairs with Neil Kincaid and Dave Glover, the latter died after he saved Kim's son James from a fire. Kim's other prominent stories include faking her own death to frame Frank before leaving him to die of a heart attack, and a business partnership with Lord Alex Oakwell, which culminates in the death of Linda Fowler. As revenge, Linda's mother Jan Glover kidnaps James.

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