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Colleen Ballinger returns to YouTube to call ukulele apology song 'embarrassing' after grooming allegations: 'I'm really disappointed in myself'

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Colleen Ballinger's Legal Reps Have Denied Claims That She’s Been Claiming Copyright On Her Infamous Ukulele Song

Colleen Ballinger Cancels Comedy Tour Amid 'Grooming' Allegations!

Miranda Sings star Colleen Ballinger cancels remaining tour dates after allegations of 'grooming'

Colleen Ballinger Cancels Remaining Tour Dates Without Issuing Statement Amid Controversies

Trisha Paytas Ends Podcast With Colleen Ballinger Amid Scandal

Trisha Paytas Says ‘Oversharing’ Podcast With Colleen Ballinger Is Over After Accusations Of Inappropriate Conduct With Minors

Trisha Paytas Confirms Podcast With Colleen Ballinger Is Over: 'This Is Embarrassing'

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