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Olympic Gold Medalist Klete Keller Pleads Guilty in Capitol Hill Riot Case

U.S. Capitol Riot Hero Eugene Goodman Escorts Kamala Harris at 2021 Presidential Inauguration

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'Gilmore Girls' Star David Sutcliffe Says He Didn't Attend Capitol Riots, But Calls Man Who Did a 'Patriot'

'Gilmore Girls' Actor David Sutcliffe Says He Didn't Attend Capitol Riots

Capitol Cops Angry Department Doesn't Have Clear Deadly Force Policy

Helena Duke Doesn't Regret Outing Mom as Capitol Rioter, Says Trump Radicalized Her

Capitol Rioter Allegedly Threatened to Shoot His Kids If They Snitched

Inauguration Rehearsal Evacuated, Capitol on Lockdown for 'External Threat'

Iced Earth's Jon Schaffer Arrested Over Capitol Riot, Allegedly Used Bear Spray on Cops

New Video of Capitol Siege as Rioters Say 'We Are Listening to Trump'

Andrew Zimmern Says Prisoners Need Better Food, Even Capitol Rioters

Capitol Rioter/Texan Realtor Asks Trump for Pardon After Arrest

Capitol Police Officer Daniel Hodges Gets Well Wishes from 10-Year-Old Montana Girl

AOC Tells Rachel Maddow She Couldn't Tell Good Cops From the Bad During Capitol Riot

D.C. and Capitol Police Already Exhausted Days Before Inauguration