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Amy Nuttall announces new tribute charity single Thank You Mother to remember her late mum: 'I needed to do something that would help my grief move forward'

Mr Bates vs The Post Office star Amy Nuttall calls for boss to be stripped of their CBE following 'utterly heartbreaking' scandal

Mr Bates vs The Post Office star Amy Nuttall's tough year from sad marriage split to tragic death

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Amy Nuttall shares that her mum has died, three months after brain cancer diagnosis

ITV Emmerdale's Amy Nuttall devastated as mum dies from brain tumour following husband's 'affair'

Amy Nuttall shares devastating news that her mother Elaine has died four months after brain tumour diagnosis - after being her 'rock' amid split from cheating husband Andrew Buchan

Amy Nuttall's 'cheating' ex Andrew Buchan appears downcast as he is spotted for FIRST TIME since 'splitting for a second time after she issued him with post-affair rule book'

‘Gutted’ Amy Nuttall ‘splits from cheating husband’ again: ‘As far as she’s concerned, this it is’

Amy Nuttall 'splits from cheating husband Andrew Buchan for a second time after he failed to stick to the marriage rules she set for him in the wake of his affair'

Emmerdale's Amy Nuttall 'splits from husband for second time' after he 'broke rules'

Amy Nuttall spotted out with her mother amid rumours she's 'reunited' with estranged husband

Amy Nuttall steps out again without wedding ring after 'rekindling romance' with husband

Amy Nuttall seen without wedding ring after 'setting 7 strict rules' for 'cheating' husband