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Death and Other Details Recap: All Tied Up

Now it turns out Rufus has been a phony his whole time. Are they ever going to solve this mystery?

Once Rufus, Teddy, and Leila get a look at how extensive Viktor Sams’s set-up within the Varuna is — those huge servers line the walls of several decks — it’s clear it would be impossible to have done that without the owner of the ship knowing about it. It turns out all that coughing Alexandra’s been doing was her slowly dying from the inside thanks to some necrotizing fasciitis that she got the very first day on board thanks to a special dose of that B12 injection we saw her getting up on the pool deck in the first episode. While Rufus, Imogene, and now Hilde try to piece together what Viktor Sams’s endgame is with these two murders, the info about the revenge on the rubber plant, and the new knowledge that, yes, that bill of lading is from 2005, when the pigment was illegal, something else that adds a new wrench into the investigation happens.

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