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‘Seven Veils’ Review: Atom Egoyan’s Cold But Bracing Take on ‘Salome’ – Berlin Film Festival

‘Seven Veils’ review: Atom Egoyan’s cold but bracing take on ‘Salome’ – Berlin Film Festival

If anything, it is a wonder that Atom Egoyan hasn’t investigated Salome’s seedy story on film before; its stew of perverse lusts, transactional sex, incest and sickly family dynamics is very much of a piece with his own enduring themes. Worst of all, in the lamp-lit background of these calls she can see a family portrait that shows her as a teenage girl, under the arm of the father who, as even her mother agrees from within the fog of her dementia, loved his daughter “too much”. Title: Seven Veils Festival: Berlin(Gala Special) Sales agent: XYZ Films Director/screenwriter: Atom Egoyan Cast: Amanda Seyfried, Rebecca Liddiard, Douglas Smith, Mark O’Brien Running time: 1 hr 49 min

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