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‘Atlas’ Review: Jennifer Lopez’ Exo-Suit Fits Uncomfortably in This Shrug-Worthy Sci-Fi Vehicle

In 'Atlas,' starring Jennifer Lopez, director Brad Peyton fails to zhuzh up these AI-doomsday ideas into an adventure worth investing in.

Atlas identifies Harlan’s location on a remote planet “in the Andromeda Galaxy,” and insists on joining the team dispatched to apprehend him despite the trepidation of the operation’s commanding officer, Colonel Elias Banks ( Sterling K. Brown). Unfortunately, a script by Leo Sardarian and Aron Eli Coleite (the latter a writer on Peyton’s Netflix series “Daybreak”) reduces too much of that eminently relatable growth to perfunctory, even cliched character pivots that audiences will identify long before they occur. Playing the film’s villain, Liu glowers with a level of menace that betrays the technology’s conclusive (if over-reaching) impartiality; Harlan’s opposition to humanity’s continued existence would be better served by an air of chilling detachment.

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